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Hot Amateur 69 On The Floor

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

There are thousands of nasty chicks and raunchy couples out there who send in images and films of almost every prurient act imaginable.  From simple titty-flashing to some poontang play; or from doggystyle slamming to anal fisting, these kinky people are documenting it all, and a lot of them want to share their carnal escapades with us all.  Here are two who are doing something really kinky for their video camera, and in fact they’re so giddy with lust that they don’t even want to do it on their bed; they need the space of their entire floor to pleasure each other the way they want.

And what they chose to do to each other this time was to orally pleasure each other’s private parts in a 69 session!  Yeah, there’s just something really smokin' and nasty about doing a 69, with your partner’s snatch right in your face while they’re licking and gobbling you down there at the same time.  I gotta tell those who haven’t experienced it yet that it takes some work though, but this method of busting a nut is all worth it, as you can see with this slut and her lucky boyfriend.  She gobbles his dick really good while upside down under him, and she’s really enjoying his twat worshipping too.

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