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Schoolgirl gets naughty with her boyfriend

Monday, November 19th, 2012

There’s a lot going on here and I mean a lot. Watch My GF isn’t surprised to receive this super hot chick who really knows how to make cocks hard and all else very horny. These photos clearly show how much this bitch can do when faced with her own kinky self. Naturally, she’s into so many things and she knows well how to handle all these in one go. As you can see, we only got four sample pictures here but, already, you can just imagine the other kinky things this slutty chick can do.

There’s one showing how she enjoys fucking her pussy with an inanimate object (read: a bottle), then there’s her boyfriend’s finger fondling both her asshole and twat, and this ultimate bitch can’t pass up the chance of, of course, getting stuffed with her BF’s dick too. Whew. Can you handle this chick if you got her in your room?! Damn, and I thought I’m wild. Well, for a chick this young, who’s got so many dirty things runnin’ in her filthy mind, I guess she could’ve beaten the other sluts I met before who are a bit older than her but, unfortunately, a little inexperienced too. So, that’s not fun at all. Now I’m wanting to try this one and check if she could at least make me beg for her to stop and rest a minute. Looking at her pictures, I’d say her BF had a tough time mellowing down. I mean, c’mon, who would want to stop fucking when your Energizer Bunny for a slutty girlfriend says GO? won’t stop giving you all these hot chicks and so you must always prepare yourselves for a wild tiring ride down a bushy (or not) road to heaven.

Horny babe dildoing her pussy

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

Ahh… just a kinky way to start another Watch My GF day. You’ll be watching yet again, another slutty performance of an amateur chick who got so horny over a phone call she received a few minutes before she started filming herself and catching the action all in this video. What was the phone call all about, you ask? Well, it’s her first ever phone sex with her boyfriend and since she missed him for a day and he’s the only one who could make her feel so fucking horny, the dude left her something to do while waiting for him to come and visit her for the weekend. Yeah, before they could have that 2-day fucking spree, this wild amateur honey needed to warm it up a bit — alone. Her BF don’t have any idea actually that she made this video and that lucky bastard will be extra generous fucking this GF‘s twat for sure when he watched this with her when they finally meet up. has been a favorite a hub of this chick, she likes getting drawn to the other sexy amateur playful teens like herself coz she feels more confident to flaunt her “skills” in pleasing herself. She kind of needed some tips on how she could pull off filming herself while she masturbates using her dildo. Oh, yes, sometimes these horny bitches can still have troubles recording their dirty deeds which can result to us having stiff necks (aside from the stiff cocks of course). Ok, so now we got the chance to watch her full video before her dear boyfriend can even lay his eyes on this post. We are luckier, eh? Ha! Check back for more horny teens like this babe right here but first enjoy this naughty babe fuck her pussy with her dildo.

Horny girl cums while poking her twat

Monday, December 27th, 2010

Watch this horny babe get naughty while spending time alone inside her apartment. She filmed her dirty deed and was quite proud about it. Too proud actually that she visited and contacted us and almost begged to get this amateur video posted as soon as possible. The reason was simple, she’s too fucking wild that she wanted the whole world to know. That’s how we want all of our Watch My GF bitches to be, eh? Always ready to do what we want and share to us what they’ve always been fantasizing about. Sounds fun, I know, and I bet you’re all wondering when this sleazy slut will submit some other masterpieces of her. But before we could even think of those other stuff, let’s watch this hot video first for that mind blowing jumpstart coz you will really need some warming up before watching different videos of this chick. She plays with her pussy like there’s no tomorrow and she likes playing with her juice too and spreading it all over her nice and perfect round knockers. Damn, those cum-moistened nipples make me drool. If you think we’re the only ones who like seeing our jizz on their tits, well, this wild slut likes getting her breasts wet with her own cum just like what you’re seeing now. You think you can handle more? Just visit us often and every minute spent in this site is worth every drop of your jizz.

Emo babe plays with her cunt

Sunday, December 12th, 2010

Watch My GF is back with a whole new set of flaming hot pictures of an emo chick who owns one hell of sexy body, which earned her a spot and got feature here today (and more of her pretty soon I hope). I’ve been haggling with a couple of my pervy critics about posting either this chick or the other one who I initially chose, but the votes were high on this bet. Why, you ask? Well, check these photos out and YOU tell me why. I need not explain anything here, really, because this honey’s hot stuff is laid down on this page like a pack of Tarot cards waiting to be read (in her case, fucked). These photos making you drool like a maniac? She’s got a tight juicy ass, medium-sized-but-still-so-fucking-delicious-breasts, and oh man… that pink moist pussy that’s been begging for some hardcore sex. If these aren’t enough, dude, she’s a scene bitch too and that’s saying much already. is a favorite hangout of different types of horny teens who wanted to either use what they see to “learn” more or wanted to actually do more amateur dirty deeds and be the one to get watched and fantasized about. Both things sound practically good but not all of those aspiring girls will make it to our posts, unfortunately. We want just the best and you better get laid (by me) if you find yourself here because it simply means that you’re a favorite even before we give you your limelight. So, pleasing me in person is like the sweetest gratitude you could ever give. Ha! View the full collection now and start beating.

Busty hot chick masturbating

Sunday, November 28th, 2010

Care for some sizzling time with a naughty bitch? Well, of course, you wanted this — you want this so bad, in fact. Watch My GF presents to you this nice video of a horny chick with big breasts pleasing herself on her bed. Too bad we can’t get a glimpse of her bare mounds since she’s got her bra on. But this excitement doesn’t end there coz what you are about to watch will haunt you before and after you sleep. Well, when you watch this video, you’d want to jerk off as many times as you possibly can before passing out then as soon as you wake up, you’d find that you got a throbbing boner waiting to be pumped and wanting so much to explode. So, yeah, that explains the before and after thingy. So, anyway, I don’t know the hot chick in this video but I know just how to get in touch with her. See, while watching her masturbate, she made one hell of a great deal teasing me and actually making me want her ASAP. She ain’t a witch, as far as I can tell, but she’s like she’s got some dark magic going on when she starts to touch herself and masturbates away. She’s dildoing her hot cunt in this video but she will be doing lots more with her pussy on the next videos so do watch out for those. Don’t mind her puppy barking on the background, just focus on this naughty girl and enjoy watching her fuck that tight twat and listen to her kinky moans. Visit for more wild and hot updates.

Naked babe masturbates in the bathroom

Sunday, September 5th, 2010

Just what every pervy guy would ever need, a kinky chick horny enough to film herself naked while masturbating. Watch My GF likes this steamy video of a blonde cutie for obvious reasons. First, of course, not all recorded videos would appear this high def. coz most of the time these horny sex kittens use their ever-reliable cellphones to take either tons of pictures or simply hit the red button to record away. Secondly, she’s a sexy hot blonde. We all drool over blondes. Thirdly, she gives us more than just a typical cock tease by playing with herself and making all of us as horny as she is. You could come up with the other reasons why you love to watch this hottie, I’m pretty damn sure you got a lot of ideas on how you’d please that nice moist fuckhole of hers. is not new to these types of chicks but each of them show their own style of giving us a tight pole to hold and cause it to explode in less than 5 minutes. Well, ok, the cum part will highly depend on how hot the chick is. But on this particular case, I give this video a generous 8 flying used condoms out of 10. I think the 2 points went to the drain when I accidentally recorded over the first few seconds of this video. Entirely my fault but it’s no biggie really coz those were just the times when she kinda prepared the “stage” before her fingers plunged into her hole.

Blonde babe plays with her cunt

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

There’s a great reason why you and your gang should quit labeling blonde chicks as plain creatures with no brains, no future. Because Watch My GF knows how to bring out all the potential in slutty girls, we can even tell if a particular chick could do big in this industry by simply looking at her photos. You may think it’s that easy, well yeah, at some point it is but we should always consider what your types are. And for the record, the reason why you must quit cringing when you hear the word blonde in any conversation, is that they do have a very important role in keeping both this industry and your blood alive. Like this steamy kinky blonde babe who’s got a knack for having her pictures taken while she exposes her naked body and play with herself — for all of us to see. She’s a sporty gal who relaxes by spending time with her dildo, teasing and pleasing her shaven twat.

You must admit that it’s almost always a sexy hot blonde who’ll flood our dirty minds when we heat up and ready to explode. Main reason might be because they’re so easy to please and that they’re always ready to give back the pleasure you’ve given them. At times, you could find yourself getting more than you’ve expected and just have the time of your life watching these horny kittens play with you and your woody for hours. They’ll leave you panting for breath or possibly, you’d beg them to rest for a couple of minutes. Fortunately, everyone who visits who get hooked on the first visit will find themselves coming back for more. You can’t rest here coz this is where all the actions take place.

Naked and horny masturbating chick

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

I’ve watched videos of hot babes] and, honestly, I lost count on how many times I do these every single day. I think I’d run dry from too much [[wanking off each time I get a glimpse of these bitches or simply hear their moans and screams of pleasure. And since Watch My GF is very versatile, home to different types of girls with various taste and style in expressing their horny selves, I find it easy to release tension by just visiting the site. Like today, I’m giving you this horny chick who filmed herself as she finger-fucks her twat while lying naked on her bed. The screens you see now show how much she’s enjoying what she’s doing and what she doesn’t know is that the pervs who watch her find it way more enjoyable. It’s like double the pleasure for us viewers coz we just have to watch her do her thing and it instantly creates this mound of happy monster inside our crotch. I ought to know coz whenever I watch videos like this, I always end up having two smiling faces on me and one’s a very messy smiling face.

Well this is the main goal of, to make each and everyone pleased and satisfied with what they see and hear. If this is your first time to visit and you feel we’ve already given you justice by what we showed you, chances are you will be back for more. And if this babe has caused you to rough house with your dick and feel so fucking pleased with yourselves, well, congratulations because we will be seeing more of you here soon. Or is it the other way around? Either way, anything I post here is sure to make you horny and that’s something you got to hold on to — aside from that poor beaten up willy.

Busty girlfriend shaves her pussy and masturbates

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

It’s a new edition here in Watch My GF! We bring you this sizzling video of a kinky busty girlfriend who’s got a knack for keeping her bush trimmed and clean for that smooth easy access. The clips you’re about to watch, if you prefer jacking off to babes with huge tits, will give you double the treat. Because we caught this horny girlfriend doing two things that could pass for fetishes. I know some people who wank their cocks to chicks who love to show off their pussy shaving skills while some drool over masturbating chicks with shaven twats. That’s why this video can possibly cause you some minor injury for beating that meat too much. Imagine if you’re this dude who’s so into bitches who has nice-looking pussies, clean shaven that doesn’t appear like some roast beef leftover, then this video is the perfect remedy for those perverted cravings.

For all we know, you could be that dude coz you visit often to find horny sluts like this one. And you sure are lucky to have clicked on the link today, giving you this fucking awesome chance to watch how this chick teases her preys by making a yummy-looking goodie out of her wet and moist twat. She says she likes her pussy without the bushy barriers coz this gives her maximum access in whatever she wanted to do with it. So I’m pretty sure that this hot stuff can satisfy you as much as it did herself. I can already feel that smooth folds of skin on my cum-drenched fingertips. I imagine myself holding that razor and doing the mild strokes for her. One of the many things that get me hard real fast is when I hear a really hot babe moaning with pleasure and I bet this horny sexy thing will moan with just the slightest touch on her skin. I’m not going to keep this from you, so you better watch the hot videos here and experience what I’m feeling, firsthand, and we’re sure to find you lurking here soon enough, scavenging for new hot stuff to feast on.

Horny chick squirts while masturbating

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

If you’re fond of hot episodes involving chicks who like to squirt, then this video is perfect for your craving. Watch My GF caught this naughty girlfriend in a high time in her bathroom while she lovingly spent time with her literally wet pussy and made it even more wet when she made it squirt a whole lot while masturbating. She’s just so horny that she filmed herself using her digicam and played with her twat as she sits and eventually stands beside the toilet seat. I really don’t know how these bitches do this, you know, “squirt“. This one does it really well though and maybe I can have a quick word with her about this hobby of hers, in case I get to meet her in the flesh. I would definitely try to spread the good news to the rest of the slutty girls I know who might want to learn a few new tricks in bed. Not like I dream of having some chick spray pee on my face all the time, but knowing some new stuff could actually make things a lot more exciting and fun.

Take a very good look at this kinky chick and lie to me if you think this isn’t way hot. Like I said, not all the girls that you get to fuck know how to please themselves like this and not all of them are willing to share their videos to us, who, in turn, will find it very entertaining to watch. I am a very horny man and quite perverted in nature, so anything that involves pleasing your flesh and being such show offs, sexually, is surefire to hit me on the right spot and I’ll end up giving myself a wild time too. This masturbating chick is not so new to me. I’ve seen some of the bitches I paid for do this right in front of me. That’s one reason why I got immuned to such scene but my dick‘s just too fond of this that I think the whole film appears to be new. These screenshots will lead you here. And is always waiting for preys like yourself. So don’t let me just tell you bits and pieces because you deserve the entire pleasurable trip. Click the links now and enjoy!