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Blindfolded chick licks and sucks a cock

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

Now this is something we don’t see everyday but you’ll see only get to watch here at As you can see in these screen shots, this horny amateur babe is having the time of her fucking life, licking and sucking her friend’ s boner. She does it so gently and with much gusto, like she’s actually faced with a large frankfurter, which she would bite and eat afterwards rather than wait for this stiff dick to throb violently when it would eventually cum all over her face. Well, she wouldn’t know when she’ll get jizzed on since she agreed to having her eyes blindfolded for that extra excitement. Yes, she is an amateur alright but she would like to try a lot of kinky things with her sleazy partner just to please him all the way. And I know well that there’s already too many nasty things you’re thinking about now, stuff that you’re expecting to happen in this video and things that you yourself would like to do to this wild amateur bitch when you’ve come face to face with her. Or maybe you can try having your own fuck buddy‘s eyes blindfolded too if she permits it and get it all on video if you’re that lucky. Luckier if your amateur honey is a fan of Watch My GF too and agrees to having your video posted here for all of us to enjoy. Now you have to enjoy this yourself first and watch the full video of this cocksucking amateur girlfriend. Have fun watching her lick that cock from the base to tip and suck it in her warm hungry mouth. Check back soon for more of our horny amateur GFs.

GF rides hard and fat dick on her bed

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

I have several acquaintances who simply like sharing stories about their one night stands and whatnots. Anything naughty that happens mostly inside their bedrooms, they love to put in videos and submit here on Watch My GF. And that’s precisely what we have for you today. This is one of those chicks that you want to meet when you go to bars and walk through dark alleys. One of those kinds who wouldn’t bitch when you asked her to pull her panties down and just get on with the fucking. But some of these bitches prefer to stay anonymous just for the heck of it. And some even confessed that they don’t want to show their faces for that mystery that some of us find exciting. It’s like getting into one of those kinky role playing games, complete with all sort of sex toys or blindfolds. And this time, you would easily guess how risky this chick’s playing coz she’s got her dude’s cock on a leash. That is to say, she made him wear a condom. I don’t see anything wrong about that though it lessens the drive a bit coz if the dong’s too fat and big, it tends to actually feel a bit suffocated. But I guess this video shows clearly how much fun they’re having so there’s no need to feel sorry about anything. So while you imagine how hot this babe must look like, click on this link to watch the video clips we collected and make sure to bookmark so it’ll be easier for you to pay us a visit anytime you need your fucking fix.