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Chicks flaunt their fine round ass

Saturday, February 19th, 2011

We can’t get enough of this hotness and whenever I see one juicy ass I can’t help but imagine myself fucking that fine mound. My cock would automatically stiffen like it knows that it’s being watched (by me) while it squirms and finds a tight hole where it can ‘hide’. Watch My GF found a whole lot of holes al right! These are photos of a number of hot and sexy babes who are gifted with soft and round and sometimes huge but delicious butt cheeks. They even put on different presentations like gifts in various pretty litle gift bags, while they wear those lovely lingerie. I feel like clawing my way inside those little things and letting my nasty boner do its work. I’d drill those tight holes way way deep and make sure to give any of these babes a orgasmic jolt that would make them moan and groan. See the effect of these beauties on me? Well, there’s a lot more pictures here in and if you can’t wait any longer, just click this link to view all the other hot fine asses you’d want to get hold of (and do other kinky stuff with of course).

Sexy bitches display their asses

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

Because we got a diverse taste here in, we bring a wide selection of juicy and fresh chicks who are more than willing to show off their goods in all ways possible. Some are more into action while others like it when they pose for the camera and have all these photos showcase their sexy bodies and pretty faces. Some do it perfectly even with clothes on, while others prefer to be more adventurous and show more skin – just be totally naked. Today, we got a mix of these bitches who opted to share with us their firm and round asses. As you can see, we got them posing while wearing thongs, or their lacy panties, and some wanted to just show their yummy asses wearing nothing at all. Who doesn’t get a boner looking at delicious packages like these? I always get that nasty urge of slapping any girl’s ass, even a total stranger’s, whenever I walk down the street. On a blunt note, I did this more than twice and of course I got some serious slapping back, fortunately, the hand found its way on my face. I just laughed it off after pretending to be embarrassed, coz dude, I never regret a single second when I do my kinky stuff in public. It is, after all, all these bitches’ fault for flaunting something we can’t resist! That’s some gift that’s meant to be appreciated and just looking at it won’t do the slightest justice.

To view the rest of the collection of photos of the loveliest asses in town, click on Watch My GF and browse through the lot and find others that will surely make those dicks hard and make them cum so bad, it’ll make you squirm like a dying anaconda. Ok, so am really not sure how the hell that looks like, but I know you get the idea. Slap these asses here now and enjoy coz they won’t be able to fight back!