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Slutty GF with bald twat chokes the chicken real good

Sunday, January 25th, 2009

Not every creature that has green eyes are monsters. But this is one type of a green-eyed monster that any hot cock would want to find under their beds or in those closets at night. With her perky knockers and perfectly shaped ass, her boyfriend’s one sure lucky douchebag to get a fucking great fuck all the time. This horny lady’s got a perfectly tight ass that you’d want to hump like a dog in heat. She gives her man one hell of a blow job, which made him squirm and moan in delight. Her pink nipples are just like ripe cherries that you’d want to lick and suck — ready to be eaten straight from the stalk.

Watch My GF shows in these photos how this nice cock sucker take the stiff shaft inside her warm mouth and eat it whole. She enjoys playing with the hard dick between her lips, sucking it all the way, almost making her gag — with extreme pleasure. To view the entire wild ride, click here and prepare a box (or two) of Kleenex.