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Hardcore horny teens

Saturday, June 9th, 2012

One hot treat from and you’ll be getting all these photos of amateur lesbian lovers posing in naughty ways. Well, yeah, not just pose coz they did some sleazy things here too and you have the chance to see all of it, just stick around. These teen lovers have been experimenting with what they’ve been watching on porn films so far and all we can say here is that they are learning a lot. They said this is their first picture collection to be shown on the net, for the world to enjoy, so they kinda find it a bit hard still to show more because they have to learn more on the days to come. So for now, fans of Watch My GF can enjoy looking at these hot pictures where these lesbians went topless and showed their nice juicy racks, squeeze their funbags for us, and just tease each other while they tease the throbbing cock inside our boxers. They do a lot of this kind of hobby and I could say, it’s one productive event each time especially if they will keep up being the horny wild lesbo chicks that they are to each other. I wouldn’t dare think twice about these two in my bed and just fuck away. They’re simply steamy hot and I know I can handle both at the same time. Wanna try if you can though? Head over here to see the rest of their photos and test your raging hormones.

Two amateur sexy hotties

Saturday, November 12th, 2011

I’d honestly like to think that I died and went to heaven when I saw these pictures being passed around here at our Watch My GF hub coz these two amateur kinky chicks just made everyone want to have a go with the full set for an entire night. Ok… that said, this flaming hot duo is our official entry for today so everybody can benefit from the hotness and not just the perverted few (myself included. Ha!). So anyway, here we are once again, bringing you another handful of pictures with sleazy sexy amateur chicks in ‘em, which will turn your bedroom into a stinking cum house. Remember the feeling of excitement when amateur honeys tease us with their fucking charming sexiness even without taking a single clothing off? Yeah, sucks big time but this particular photo gallery won’t let you down especially if you’re dick is already as hard as an Oscars trophy. Something that hard will definitely stay stiff and standing for hours to an eternity. Oh, and did I tell you another fun part about this post? These amateur hotties are lesbians, hardcore lovers in the making. Rawr. So the not getting all naked in their pictures are now history, eh? Just let them tease us for the meantime with these hot sexy pictures and let ‘em do the rest and eventually show their tits, pussy, and some juicy ass when they get back to clicking on during their free time. Check back every chance you get so you wouldn’t miss any of ‘em.

Amateur lesbians get kinky on cam

Sunday, July 25th, 2010

Admit it, you love lesbians. If you are having second thoughts about it, will make sure that you’ll be craving for them nonstop after you view this hot photo compilation. Before, I used to doubt myself that I will consider jerking off to chicks making out with other bitches but I guess my wild hormones will never let me miss a chance to experience something new and extremely wild. Yeah, I think that’s the perfect term for horny GFs like these two, they’re just so fucking wild. They are amateurs but I guess the excitement that they have for each other made them go wee advanced for what they just know. They confess of having browsed hundreds of porn to get more ideas for this hot and kinky shoot. These pictures turned out so damn great that they got a standing ovation from me and my willy. You won’t be able to resist horny chicks like these. I was actually hoping that they would go as far as lick each others twats and fuck each other with their fingers since all they do here is kiss and touch each other. They said they’re saving the best for last. Hmmm… not bad. Some suspense will definitely make all of you watch out for them. No worries, the next time they submit their photos here, they will show us the rest of their skills. Keep on visiting Watch My GF so you are sure to not miss their next hot and wild shows.

Curly blonde posing naked

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

Another week of steamy episodes here on Watch My GF and I know you’ll love this first batch of photos because nobody can resist a naughty blonde especially when they’re naked. It helps a lot when you got connections who can give you all these babes who are ready to expose their skin and a whole lot more. A very good example would be this curly-haired hot chick I’m showing you today. Obviously, she is hot and I don’t even have to point that out. But because I did, it could only mean that I myself can’t easily shove off the fact that I’m one of the countless horny guys who’d want to fuck this slutty chick. Don’t deny it, I know you’re drooling over her right now and these are just a few of her photos and we got the entire lot for you to jack off to. don’t lure anyone and give them scraps. And we definitely don’t just tease you with bits and pieces because in just a single click, we’ll take you to the entire lot that you deserve to see for being our avid fan. You’re one fuckin’ awesome reason why these bitches love to display their breasts, tease your cocks by spreading their legs wide to show their moist and warm pussies, and they do all these with tons of energy — they’ll make you wonder if they’re on something. Well, I don’t give the slightest shit if these chicks “perform” with or without the aid of those junk as long as they make me and my dick happy. So, for you to fully enjoy this hot blond catch, click here to view all her mouthwatering naked pictures. She’s hot and pretty and ready to pounce.

Gorgeous GF with an amazing body

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

Watch My GF‘s pick for today is this hot and sexy girlfriend with an amazing body. Her curves are just unbelievably perfect. She’s got a nice pair of breasts, which are not too big nor can be considered small – they’re just about right for her body built. She keeps her twat clean and inviting by shaving it as often as needed. As if these doesn’t make her delicious enough, she’s got a lovely face on her shoulders too, which turns into a look that would automatically tell you how much she wanted you to take her and just get kinky. Obviously, she’s well aware of her gifts and she’s got all these photos to flaunt them. And she’s not just plainly showing her nice titties or pretty face, and her shaven pussy, but she knows how to do all these poses that would suit all her assets perfectly. is yet again, lucky to have this naughty chick’s collection of photos that will surely make every cock in this planet stiff in a matter of seconds. I ought to know coz am about to choke my dick again for the second time today. She’s too hot and I know you’re all drooling on those filthy keyboards now. Not to mention, your dicks standing like flag poles on a very windy day. Cocks, when they’re too hard and too horny, tend to squirm and sway like fat worms about to be eaten by birds inside their nests – like they got a fucking mind of their own. And mine’s doing that just now. Visit our site so you can enjoy the entire photo compilation too!

Goth Teens Get Naked

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

One sizzling group of chicks who are making waves as they take off their clothes are the goth chicks.  There’s a lot more of them nowadays, especially if you include those emo cuties who like to listen to Dashoard Confessional while being slammed by their boyfriends from behind.  Here is just a small sample of hot teen babes who like to wear black or red, then strip it off again for the camera to show their pink.

You won’t see any tanned whores in this group, I’m sorry, but their pasty white skin does have an allure of its own, especially when they get naked and you can see their pale pink nipples getting hard on the tip of their sweet juggs.  With their nubile bodies and nihilistic attitude, you’ve got a sizzling hot chick who’s ready to strip down to nothing at moment’s notice, just as a form of rebellion against a puritanical society.

Another hot thing about these goth teens is that they’ve got a lot of vampire and Wiccan fetishes to indulge in, so they’re also up for some raunchy sapphic fun if the company’s right.  Then the camera flashes start popping and they start indulging in their fantasies for the lenses of their friends.  Luckily a lot of those pictures make their way here to, so you can also check out these tramps as they make believe they’re some sort of vampire coven, sucking each other’s knockers for blood, and maybe even a cock or two.

Amateur Lesbians Touching Each Other For The Camera

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

A lot of the amateur sapphic action that goes on in various porn sites show barely legal hot chicks young who are just beginning to explore their sexuality and try out that sizzling lesbo action as a raunchy sexual experiment just because it’s a phase they’re going through.  Seeing their youngdelicious bodies entwined with each other is a cock-hardening sight indeed, but sometimes you want to see more stacked, sexier whores go at it.  And that’s what these two amateur
hotties are giving us here, in their naughty pictorial.

Just check out the luscious boobies on these babes, and take a look in the lust in their eyes as they touch each other.  You know they’re past the experimenting stage of their recent youth and they’ve decided that sapphic lovin’ is the way to go!  And with such sizzling bodies and luscious boobs like theirs, you know that this lesbian session is going to be so hot, you’ll be busting a nut in no time at all!  Check out for more hot two-girl action like this, if you want…

Alicia Doing Some Harmless Lesbian Fun With Trish

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

Now what could be hotter than amateur pics of hot, naked hotties showing off their boobies?  How about hot, hardcore action with a guy and his slut girlfirend doing it in the living room for their videocam?  Yeah, that could be it.  But as every guy knows, you just can’t beat the heat of some sizzling lesbo session.  And when they’re two cute and sexy amateurs like Alicia and Trish, then you’ve got something that’ll keep you wanking all night long.

As you can see, Alicia and Trish are both really delicious hot chicks, and if even just one of them decided to pose real sexy, then we’d all be pretty satisfied already, wouldn’t we?  But they decided to take things to the next level when it came to being naughty, and so we’ve got the hot sapphic pics that we have here.  Alicia and Trish kissing each other is a real treat for our salamis already, but seeing them kiss each other’s tits like they’re doing here is enough to make a guy cum over and over!

See Alicia and Trish over here on, and you’ll definitely be smoking a cigarette with your un-sticky hand soon after!